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BIG Insider: Tips for surviving Roadcheck 2017

You’ve heard about it, likely prepared for it and most assuredly are hoping to avoid Roadcheck 2017 altogether - but with tens of thousands of checks planned at over 1500 locations, that may be easier said than done.

BIG is here to help.

The CVSA has announced that this year’s “inspection blitz," taking place June 6-8, will place special emphasis on cargo control, but will also likely include Level 1 Inspections, a thorough 37-step process. No doubt you have a thorough pre-trip inspection that you go through, but a friendly reminder never hurt anyone.

  • Pay particular attention to your lighting, including headlamps, marker lights and turn indicators. All lights and reflectors should be clean and operating properly.
  • Check all hoses, belts and fluid levels. Make sure that there are no leaks (air and liquid)
  • Check for leaks from the rear of the engine, transmission, drive-shaft and exhaust system.
  • All air lines and electrical connections should be secure and in good condition. Replace all worn air and electrical lines.
  • On trailers, make sure all cargo and tailboard is secure and canvas or tarp is lased down. Latch and lock rear doors, check underguard. Make sure all lights are operating and reflective tape is clean and in good condition.

With the emphasis on cargo control, make sure to avoid the top load securement violations as outlined by the CVSA:

  1. Failure to prevent shifting/loss of load
  2. Failure to secure truck equipment (tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires, etc.)
  3. Damaged tie-downs (unacceptable wear on chain or cuts and tears on web straps)
  4. Insufficient tie-downs
  5. Loose tie-downs

For additional information regarding cargo securement tips, the CVSA put together an information sheet to help truckers avoid the sting of violation. You can read that by clicking here.

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