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Bottom Line: You're Still Standing

Something occurred to me yesterday as I sat in my living room, huddled next to my family, watching our pastor deliver a sermon from an empty church: “You’re still standing.”

With each passing day another season is cancelled, a school or business closed and yet there you are, still standing. In some ways, this moment is part of the always developing story of America. When the going gets tough, America gets going. No doubt about it, we’re at war with an enemy we can’t see or touch. Avoidance has become the better part of valor and we’re all being urged to keep our distance, minimize our exposure and stay inside. 

And yet, there you are, still standing, still working, still doing whatever possible to provide a little bit of normal in one hell of a weird time. Mr. Rogers once said that when we see “scary things” to always “look for the helpers.” If you’re reading this my friend, you are one of the helpers. You’re moving goods across the country, picking up the garbage, patching a highway or restoring the power. You’re making it possible for the rest of America to do their part by staying home because by God, you got up this morning, put your boots on and got to work. You’re still standing. 

So my message to you is this:  As long as you choose to stand, to help, to put in the work, we promise to stand with you. Perhaps more than any other parts dealer, BIG Machine Parts is uniquely equipped to deal with such a crisis. Our site is always available, always open and our Joe’s could answer your questions from a hot air balloon if necessary. We’re quite literally built for this moment and won’t stop until you do. Listen up driver, do what you do best, get back to work. BIG Machine Parts has your back. 


JM Chambers

President and CEO

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