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Brake Maintenance for Semi-Trucks

Brake Maintenance for Semi-Trucks

Regularly inspecting semi-trucks is crucial for drivers, and the brakes are no exception. Without proper inspections and maintenance, a variety of components within the brake system can crack, corrode, and receive other common forms of damage. This guide will teach you the basics of brake maintenance for semi-trucks so you can ensure your truck receives the upkeep it needs.

Brake Pads and Drums

If a driver’s brake pads have cracks or are wearing down beyond their limit, the driver must take them in and have them promptly replaced. When drivers replace a brake pad, they should replace the brake drums, too. Like the brake pads, a semi-truck’s brake drums can become worn or cracked over time.

Slack Adjusters

Whether your semi-truck has manual or automatic slack adjusters, they require lubrication on a regular basis. Greasing the slack adjusters will help them complete their job smoothly and successfully. Furthermore, drivers must inspect their pushrod strokes. If your pushrod strokes are clocking in beyond what’s legally acceptable, it’s time to take the semi-truck in for repairs.


When your pushrod is stroking beyond the legal limits, the culprit might be a problem with your s-cams. Just like the slack adjusters require regular lubrication, so do the s-cam bushings. During your regularly scheduled brake maintenance, make sure your s-cam bushings receive the grease they need in order to function properly.

Air Hoses/Linings

Two other important parts of any semi-truck brake inspection are the linings and associate air hoses. First, semi-truck drivers must ensure their lining is free of grease. Second, drivers need to inspect the lining for its thickness. When the lining has become too thin, or it seems too loose, drivers must replace it as soon as possible. Next, it’s time to look at the air hoses.

If the air hoses in a semi-truck brake system have become worn, cracked, or fully broken then they too must be immediately replaced. The idea of replacements might sound stressful but, luckily, finding replacements for a wide range of semi-truck parts, such as air hoses and slack adjusters, is easier than you might think.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Although truck drivers in the industry are properly qualified to inspect their brakes, they don’t always have the qualification for performing maintenance procedures themselves.

This is why it’s crucial for you to know enough about your trucks to plan a thorough maintenance schedule. After this, seek out qualified professionals who can abide by your schedule and carry out the necessary brake maintenance for semi-trucks in your fleet when necessary.

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