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Buying Truck Parts: OEM or Aftermarket?

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There are currently 2 million semi trucks operating in the United States. Big trucks help ship goods across the country, making the lives of every consumer out there that much easier. In order to keep this system going, trucks must run efficiently as possible. A truck is only as great as the sum of its parts. In this instance, the truck's parts must be of high quality and caliber. If you are a driver, who was always wondered whether you should buy OEM or aftermarket truck parts, continue reading to learn the discernable differences between the two.

OEM Truck Parts

Let’s look at the factors of OEM truck parts. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer parts. These replacement parts are made and sold from the same manufacturer as the corresponding vehicle.

Now, what are the pros?

OEM parts are specially designed for the particular make and model you drive. They fit better, you know exactly where these parts are coming from. You are almost assured of great quality—since these heavy duty semi truck parts were made for your vehicle. However, reliability isn’t the best feat. Buying OEM parts means you will always have guidance. If an issue arises, you can contact the manufacturer directly and get a guaranteed response back along with a timely solution.

Now for the cons—though OEM truck replacement parts are convenient and they make the search for a replacement part less of a hassle, they are also more expensive than using aftermarket parts or OE parts. If you have the resources, buying directly from the manufacturer is an easy and time-saving solution.

Aftermarket Truck Parts

Let’s now analyze how aftermarket truck parts differ from original equipment manufacturer parts. First off, aftermarket parts are more cost efficient. Though these parts are not sourced from the original manufacturer, you will have more options to choose from. These parts can differ in both quality and price; however, this gives you more freedom when selecting the right part for the right price point. Aftermarket parts are great for routine replacements if you’re trying to spruce up your vehicle and enhance its performance.

Making the final decision

Now you know how OEM and aftermarket big truck parts differ from each other. If you’re wondering which of the two is best for you, weigh these factors when making your final decision if you need to replace any machinery. OEM parts are reliable and convenient, though sometimes can run you a pretty penny. While aftermarket truck parts tend to sell for a more budget-friendly price, there are some risks involved when you choose not to buy directly from the truck’s manufacturer.

Consider your budget, and factor in any time restraints to make the best and well informed decision for you.

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