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City Driving Tips for Truckers

City Driving Tips for Truckers

Trucking often requires plenty of highway driving through the day and night. However, you won’t be exclusively driving on highways for every trip. You may also need to drive through the city and anyone who drives in the city and drives on the highway knows those are two very different things. With the help of these city driving tips for truckers, you can make sure you maneuver through this space with safety and ease. Although these tips will also be useful for highway driving, we’ll breakdown why each one is so helpful for city driving specifically.

Plan Ahead for City Traffic

Traveling 10 miles on the highway, in most cases, is much quicker than traveling the same distance in the city. It’s important to account for that time in your schedule, so you don’t feel the need to rush while stuck in bumper-to-bumper city traffic.

Keep an Eye Out for Pedestrians

Always keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the street, even if you’re not at a stoplight. Not all pedestrians will safely cross, so always be alert, especially if there are cars parked on the street. Not only can pedestrians suddenly walk out from behind a parked car, but they can also open car doors facing the street without looking. Be on the lookout for these hazards, so you can safely brake accordingly. You should also outfit your truck with quality semi-truck mirrors and regularly clean them so that you can effectively see all angles of your truck at all times.

Optimize Following Distance

As mentioned above, city driving can often mean bumper-to-bumper traffic depending on when and where you’re heading. This is why you have to be extra careful when slowly driving through heavy city traffic. If a pedestrian decides to step out into the street and causes the car in front of you to suddenly hit the brakes, you need to have enough time to safely stop and avoid rear-ending them.


If you’re driving to an unfamiliar location, use GPS to get to your destination. That way, you won’t have to worry about looking around for an address when you should be looking at the traffic in front of you. Even when traffic isn’t heavy, the presence of pedestrians offers a hazard that highways don’t. Because of this hazard, having an awareness of your surrounding is vital. With a GPS telling you where to go, you can keep your eyes on the road. That way, you’ll get there as safely as possible.

You should always keep these city driving tips for truckers in mind when maneuvering your vehicle through the crowded streets. City driving isn’t everyone’s favorite type of driving, but these tips will help get through it safely and efficiently.

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