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Four Tips for Finding the Best Aftermarket Parts

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When looking for big truck replacement parts, there are two primary options: OEM and Aftermarket. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are the same as what came with the truck originally. This means they will fit seamlessly and perform as needed because they were designed specifically for your make and model. However, the major tradeoff is that OEM parts are the most expensive. For this reason, more and more big truck owners are turning to aftermarket truck replacement parts when they need something repaired.

What are Aftermarket Big Truck Parts?

Aftermarket parts are created with an OEM design in mind; however, they often have slight variations to allow for sale without infringement on design rights. While often these variations are a non-issue, in some instances it can take a bit more work to get the part in place as it’s not tailored to fit exactly as the OEM part is. That being said, the aftermarket industry has already reached a staggering $287 billion as of 2017, and it is projected to continue growing by 3.6% through 2020. This is due to the fact that many aftermarket parts, even if they take a bit more work to fit in, tend to work just as well as OEM parts, and at a fraction of the cost in many cases.

If you are looking for big truck replacement parts and would like to try aftermarket options, here are some tips to make finding the perfect parts a little bit simpler.

    1. Prices By far the biggest allure of aftermarket parts is the price. While these truck replacement parts tend to be less expensive, they also can differ widely in quality. If you base a purchase solely off of price alone, then you might find yourself having to replace the same part more often. However, this isn’t to say that the most expensive aftermarket parts are the best, the key here is research. When shopping for truck parts online. read reviews from past buyers and look for parts with the highest ratings. This is the best way to find quality deals that will last you just as long as OEM parts.
    2. Variety There are hundreds of aftermarket companies that offer different big truck accessories and parts. While research is needed to weed out which ones are worth installing, the benefits of this include competitive pricing and the ability to choose between different parts based on what you need.
    3. Quality Research is important with aftermarket parts, but in order to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. Make sure to find out how long a specific part can last to ensure it won’t deteriorate too quickly and then compare this with other options you’re interested in. In some instances, auto shops and mechanics can offer insight into which brands of parts they trust most. Asking for a professional opinion, in this case, can help you find the best quality parts for your big truck.
    4. Availability OEM parts can be harder to track down than you might think. Most auto shops and repair centers only have a select few on hand before they have to order more stock. This could mean waiting weeks for a repair that you need in order to continue working. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, can be purchased online, from auto shops, and even from local mechanics. This availability is another reason why many big truck drivers choose aftermarket when they need a quick quality replacement to get back on the road.

Aftermarket parts are great for saving a couple of bucks, but also for finding quality replacement parts that are on hand and ready to install. If you’re looking for the best replacement truck parts, consider looking into aftermarket options and seeing what deals you can find that can get your rig back up and moving in no time.

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