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Getting the Best Mirrors for Your Big Truck

mirror for big trucks

Mirrors for big trucks are an often undervalued asset. They provide the vision you need in order to operate your vehicle safely. Each time you look into your mirrors, you are able to gain crucial information pertaining to the flow of traffic, potential obstacles, various driving hazards, and people or things that need to be considered. So what should you do to maintain your mirrors, and what kinds of mirrors or accessories can you get to improve your truck’s mirror system? You may have more options than you realize.

Keeping the Mirrors Clean

The maintenance of your mirrors largely depends on keeping them clean. Even though mirrors can suffer damage due to getting hit, a much more common issue is dirty mirrors. Wiping them down after a long drive is a good idea. However, be sure to not just wipe the glass but also the backs of the mirrors. This is necessary because soot and dirt can build up to the point where the mirror’s shiny back surface is less visible than it needs to be. One of the main causes of excess soot is a malfunctioning DPF. This can be a problem due to the DPF on your truck or that of another operator. The DPF’s performance is degraded with every cleaning by a factor of 10. This means that after the third cleaning, your DPF only operates at 70% efficiency, and this number could be as low as 50%. Considering the role the DPF plays in soot removal, it’s no wonder that sooty residue can creep onto your mirrors. But soot, particularly when it is fresh, is easy enough to clean off, and this will save you trouble down the road.

Heated Mirrors

Options for freighter truck parts are everywhere. Replacement parts can be found online or in a truck parts catalog, as can truck lights and all sorts of big truck parts. Mirrors are no exception. Some folks opt for heated mirrors. A heated mirror has significant advantages over a traditional mirror. For one, the mirror can be heated up prior to your going out to operate the truck. If a storm has recently rolled through, the ice or snow on the mirror can be softened or completely removed prior to operation. You may not even have to break out the scraper. This adds obvious convenience, but it is also good for your mirrors. Whenever you try to get the ice and snow off a mirror, you risk the chance of scraping or striking it the wrong way or too hard. This could easily crack the mirror or cause it to get misaligned. If the mirror is able to melt away the ice or snow on its own, you may only have to give it a light brushing to clear it up. This way, your mirrors may last longer.

Convex Mirrors

Mirrors for big trucks also can have different profile shapes to help increase their functionality as well. A convex spot mirror can allow the operator to see much more than a traditional flat mirror. This means a safer driver experience. As other vehicles approach on the road, it is important to be able to observe their speed and any changes in direction. Just as important is carefully evaluating the driving conditions around you, particularly when you are overtaking another vehicle. A convex mirror allows you to get a more thorough view of your surroundings. This can prevent serious accidents, so many drivers feel they are worth the investment.

Lighted Mirrors

Some mirrors for big trucks even feature lights on the back side. Lights on the backs of mirrors significantly increase the visibility of your truck. Mirrors for big trucks without lights are also assets when it comes to visibility, but adding a light will make them stand out more to other drivers and pedestrians. This is especially helpful because they are located on the outside extremities of your truck, which need to be seen to be avoided. Other truck drivers, for example, need to see your mirrors clearly as they park next to you at a rest area. Drivers of cars likewise benefit when they can see the sides of your truck from farther away.

Choosing the right mirrors can go a long way to giving you a safer ride.

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