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Heavy-Duty Truck Parts: 3 Myths You Shouldn't Believe

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Many fleet managers struggle with the OE dilemma: to order, or not to order? While some fleet managers think OE is the best when it comes to sourcing replacement parts, other managers might be unsure about which parts are the most reliable for their fleet.

It doesn't help that there are many misconceptions about big truck parts in the aftermarket industry. To help clear the air, here are some of the four biggest myths about heavy-duty truck parts you shouldn't believe.

  1. The name on the packaging is what's important. Don't let yourself be fooled by a product's packaging. Even a brand name can sometimes put the wrong product in the box. What's most important is the distributor you're buying the part from. If the distributor is reputable, they'll check the quality of the part and where it comes from so you don't have to.
  2. Remanufactured and rebuilt parts are the same. There's a big difference between remanufactured parts and rebuilt parts. In remanufacturing, the component is taken apart and different parts of it go to different sections of a manufacturing facility. Each piece is inspected to make sure that it's suitable for remanufacturing. Rebuilding is when a damaged component is repaired.
  3. The age of the truck is the only thing to worry about. Although the age of the truck is a factor, it should never be the only factor used to determine what type of part to use in a repair. You'll want to consider the application, the age of the vehicle, the trade cycle, the quality of the manufacturer, the performance of the part, and the criticality of the component.

It's no secret that semi-trucks are a major part of the freight industry. In fact, there are approximately 2 million semi-trucks operating in the United States.

But those semi-trucks need some elbow grease and new big truck parts every once in a while to stay in operation. That's where Big Machine Parts comes in.

Need replacement big truck parts?

Whether you need truck headlights, steering wheels, or big truck mirrors, Big Machine Parts has what you need to keep your semi-trucks in good working condition. For more information about our big truck parts and accessories, contact Big Machine Parts today.

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