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I Want You to Know...

There is nothing easy about starting a new company. Whether it’s dropping your life savings into that first truck or paying the first months rent on a garage, you understand the kind of struggle, stress and worry that entrepreneurship brings. Sure, it can be rewarding and fulfilling, but those blessings generally follow a long hustle and grind.

I want you to know that I get it.

When I started BIG Machine Parts in 2015 it took every penny I’d ever saved and year of building to make it a reality. Like you, I’ve had those sleepless nights when cash is tight. I’ve prayed for a big break and given thanks when it came through or found strength when it didn't. Through it all, I’ve had the unwavering support of family, friends and our amazing team at BIG Machine Parts. I'll never be able to adequately thank them for all they've given, just as I'll never be able to thank you enough for making BIG Machine Parts possible. 

Our customers are our purpose at BIG and we appreciate every one of you.

We set out to redefine the industry standard for customer service, provide quality parts at a value price and ship those parts fast and free. Ask anyone working at BIG, there is nothing so rewarding as learning that we saved a customer money on a part, or got that part to you in time to get your truck, your business, back on the road.

The holiday season is wonderful in so many ways, but it also has a way of stressing an already stressed bank account. Over the month of December we’ll put together some great deals on the parts you need to keep your business moving. I hope it helps. Until then, enjoy this season with those you love and thank you for giving us your trust.

Right Part. Right Now. That’s BIG.

Safe travels,

Jeff Chambers

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