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Signs a Heavy-Duty Truck Needs a New Drive Shaft

Signs a Heavy-Duty Truck Needs a New Drive Shaft

Being responsible for a heavy-duty truck requires more than just driving it well. Aside from proper driving, you also have to address any technical problems that occur. To know what’s going wrong with your vehicle, you’ll need to know the telltale signs of specific issues. In this guide, we’ll go through the signs a heavy-duty truck needs a new drive shaft, which allows you to shift the vehicle from idle to drive and is one of the most useful parts of your vehicle when it comes to transporting heavy loads.


If you feel any resistance when turning the wheel, this could mean you need to replace your drive shaft. A busted drive shaft can cause turning to feel slow and sluggish or impair it entirely. In most cases, this an issue with a worn universal joint (AKA the u-joint).


Another sign that you’re having a drive shaft problem is if you feel any weird vibrations occurring as you drive. This vibrating will specifically be coming from the bottom of your truck. Although drive shaft problems aren’t the only cause of vibrations, you’ll know it’s most likely the drive shaft if the vibrations become more intense the faster you drive.


If your car is consistently making strange noises, it could point to a drive shaft issue. Strange noises are another issue that can occur for a number of reasons, but the way to tell if it’s specifically a drive shaft issue is whether or not there is a squeaking sound. If you hear squeaking, it’s the drive shaft. Just like with the vibrations, the squeaking will become louder the faster you drive.


Although squeaking is typically the sound of a bad drive shaft, it can occasionally make clunking sounds as well. If you hear this obnoxious clunking, it’s a sign that the specific issue you’re running into with the drive shaft is, just like with the turning issue, a worn u-joint.

As you can see, it’s not hard to spot the signs a heavy-duty truck needs a new drive shaft. Whether it’s difficulties turning, constant vibrations, or loud noises, it’s going to be hard to miss these symptoms. Finding big truck parts to make a variety of repairs and replacements isn’t difficult, so don’t put off addressing problems with the drive shaft and other truck components the moment they arise. If you put off those repairs, it can wind up doing more and more damage to your heavy-duty truck over time.

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