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Signs Your Semi-Truck Needs New Headlights

Signs Your Semi-Truck Needs New Headlights

Truckers often have to drive loads through dark nights and spotty weather conditions, which is why good maintenance is important. Because of these long journeys and weather conditions, you must prepare your truck for the trip. One of the most useful safety tools on a truck—and there’s certainly plenty of them—is the headlights. Take a look at these signs your semi-truck needs new headlights so that you can ensure you have the right gear for the long trek ahead.

Dim Light Output

You should become familiar with your headlight brightness over time. If you’re driving loads all through the night or in areas with poor weather conditions, those headlights will be your best friend. That’s why the quickest way to recognize when it’s time to replace those headlights is a dim light output. If your headlights aren’t lending you the extra visibility that you’re accustomed to, replace them as soon as possible.

You should watch for spotty or inconsistent lighting. You might think that your headlights are just on the fritz and they'll fix themselves after you tap them a few times, but it's actually a sign of dying headlights. You shouldn't treat your headlights like a cable box that you just need to smack around a bit for the picture quality to improve.

Owner’s Manual Recommendation

If you’re not quite sure if your headlights are giving you enough light on the road, you can easily turn to the owner’s manual and find the recommended maintenance schedule. As with any vehicle, look to the owner’s manual if you’re unsure of—or unfamiliar with—a maintenance procedure. When replacing your headlights, replace both of them at the same time. Similar to replacing a tire, replacing both headlights helps them maintain a consistent performance.

As you can see, spotting a dying headlight isn’t difficult if you know the telling signs. Now that you know how to be aware of the signs your semi-truck needs new headlights, you can safely prepare your truck for the next big trip. At BIG Machine Parts, we offer various parts, whether you need heavy or medium duty truck parts. We’ll provide you with the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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