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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Hose

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Hose

There are many components inside of a semi-truck that helps drivers operate it from point A to point B. Due to how many parts are inside of these trucks, it’s important for drivers to know how to find the right solution when problems occur. For instance, radiator hose damage might look small, but it can cause some big problems over time. To help your problem-solving process go by much quicker, this guide will breakdown the symptoms of a bad or failing radiator hose.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant is a green substance that plays an essential role in preventing your engine from overheating. If you notice puddles of this green fluid appearing underneath the truck, it might be an issue with the radiator hose.

There are a few places around the radiator where coolant leaks can develop, so a thorough inspection is always required to establish whether or not the hose is really the problem. Another sign that coolant is leaking will be the low coolant light on your dashboard. If the low coolant sign is coming up at an excessive rate despite you consistently refilling it, there's probably a radiator hose leak.

Overheating Engine

Over time, a vehicle’s radiator hose can begin developing cracks. When this happens and no repairs are swiftly made, the engine can overheat. In fact, a broken radiator hose is the most common reason for overheating engines.

If you ever see the engine’s temperature gauge getting excessively hot, inspect the radiator hose first. To avoid damaging the engine any further, make sure the truck promptly receives repairs. Other forms of radiator hose damage you should always keep an eye out for include collapsing, swelling, wearing, and developing holes. Leaks can also occur at the hose clamps, so be sure to inspect them for signs of damage as well.

By being able to spot the symptoms of a bad or failing radiator hose, you’ll be able to quickly fix yours when encountering such issues. In doing so, you can prevent the truck from developing further damage on the road. If you have a source of Freightliner truck parts, or whichever specific type of truck you have, finding a solution to your radiator hose issues will be simple and efficient.

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