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The 3 Winter Truck Accessories You Need Right Now

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Cold temperatures, icy roads, and snowstorms have a big impact on road safety. Massive vehicle pileups are common, especially when there's a snow squall.

What's a snow squall?

If you've never heard of a snow squall, you're not alone. The National Weather Service has only recently begun issuing this new type of winter weather alert to highlight the danger motorists face from an intense and sudden round of snow.

Snow squalls are brief bursts of heavy snow. They typically last less than an hour. But their sudden appearance can make driving extremely dangerous.

How can I keep my fleet safe?

It's crucial to get your semi-trucks ready for the cold weather to protect your drivers and your vehicles from the dangers of winter roads. Fortunately, there are a few helpful accessories you can use to help keep your fleet safe, warm, and comfortable all winter long.

These are just a few of the most popular reliable truck parts for the cold season:

  1. New headlights. Many states have laws requiring one or two mirrors to be installed that reflect a rear view of the road for at least 200 feet vehicle the rig of the truck. But those mirrors don't mean anything if you can't see the road. Headlights are vital for others seeing you and for you seeing them. Regularly check your truck's headlights to make sure they're clean and replace them if they look like they're dimming. One of the most dangerous things is to drive without proper lighting, especially in the snow.
  2. Good marker lights. Headlights aren't the only thing that improves visibility when you're on the winter roads. Bright, LED marker lights for your fleet is the best way to ensure your trucks are completely visible on the road, especially when making tight maneuvers.
  3. Anti-lock braking systems. When it comes to reliable truck parts, you want an anti-lock braking system to keep your trucks from skidding on the road. Anti-lock braking systems work by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking. This maintains your truck's tractive contact with the road surface.

Looking for reliable truck parts for the winter?

It's vital to prepare your fleet for the winter season to keep your vehicles and your drivers safe and secure on the road. Fortunately, Big Machine Parts offers the replacement parts and truck accessories you need for optimal driving all year-round. For more information about our truck accessories like our truck headlights or steering wheels, contact Big Machine Parts today.

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