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The Benefits of LED Replacement Truck Headlights

With over 2 million semi-trucks on the road in the United States, having the right truck parts is essential for ensuring that truckers can safely deliver goods and navigate. One of the most important of these parts is headlights.

LED headlights for trucks are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. Not only do they make driving at night a better experience, but they have the ability to last much longer than traditional halogen bulbs. If you’re looking for replacement truck headlights, here are five reasons to consider LEDs.

1. Improved Brightness

Possibly the number one reason to consider LED replacement truck headlights is their brightness. While halogen bulbs produce a dull yellow light, LEDs produce a powerful white light that is ideal for seeing better and staying alert. For those who drive at night, LED headlights can truly make an incredible difference that will make you wonder how you ever drove without them.

2. Ease of Install

The second reason to consider LED headlights is their ease of install. LED replacement truck headlights screw in the same as halogen bulbs with no specialization or splicing required. Headlights are one of the easiest things to replace and in most cases, this can be done on your own without having to take your rig to a mechanic.

3. Long Lifespan

LED replacement truck headlights are also longer lasting than traditional halogen bulbs, meaning once you make the switch, you won’t have to worry about replacing them again for a very long time. Some bulbs can last upwards of 45,000 hours — five years — whereas halogen typically only last 5,000 hours — 0.75 years. Based on these numbers, it’s not hard to see which option is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Even if the increased brightness isn’t enough to convince you to switch, the longevity of these bulbs should certainly be something to consider.

4. Saving Money

Going hand in hand with the above, LED headlights are a great way to save money. On average, halogen bulbs cost around $70 dollars per pair, whereas LEDs average $150 per pair. However, with halogen bulbs lasting, at most, one year, you can easily end up spending upwards of $350 on replacements in five years, while LED headlights will only just be reaching the end of their lives. These savings are something to seriously consider if you want headlights that will last and save you money in the long run.

5. Safer Driving

As a truck driver, staying safe on the roads is crucial. Poor night vision ranks number one as one of the biggest hazards when driving. LED lights help improve night driving conditions by allowing you to see clearly ahead and by allowing other vehicles to better see you. Furthermore, these headlights can also help combat fatigue when driving at night, as their bright white light is more conducive to alertness. On the opposite end, a halogen bulb’s dull yellow light is more conducive to falling asleep. Overall, LEDs can help keep you safer when driving at night both by allowing you to see your surroundings and by helping keep you awake throughout your drive.

If you need replacement truck headlights, stop settling for dull halogen bulbs. Upgrading to LED headlights can save you both time and money overall and help keep you safer when driving at night. If you’re not sure what LED lights are best for you, reach out to a distributor or ask at your local auto parts store to see the different brands that are available to you.

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