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BIG Blog: Service is Our Purpose

Service is a playground in which any company can play, but few commit themselves to. Before we ever built a line of code for or ordered a piece of inventory, we started with a simple purpose: to set the standard for service and ship the right part fast.

Our guides were personal experience and the great examples set before us by Zappos, Nordstrom and Disney. I know we’re a young company, but take a quick look at our reviews and you’ll find two consistent themes: Great Service and Fast Shipping. Let me share a quick example: At 22% of every order is processed via voice with one our knowledgable Joe’s. That “Voice” group of buyers represent 46% of product sales. They have VINs, part numbers and interchange questions and with they get those answers. An online shopping experience can and should be personal, but try calling Amazon to cross the last six of your VIN to an aftermarket DPF and tell me where that get’s you?

I was told from the beginning that the BIG truck game was about service and we’re committed to redefining it for an industry. At, we believe great service should be based in the USA and come in full color digital HD: Online, Text and Voice.

When you’ve built your company around service, you tend to become hyper aware of the levels of service you yourself receive as a consumer. I know it’s true for me, especially when I receive great service. I mark those good moments because they’re important to me and the maturity of our purpose. We learn from our experience and your feedback. We exist in an infinite loop of improvement because it means that much to us at

It is our culture.

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