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Three Things I'd Like to Share

You gotta fight for your right.

Ran into this article about John Deere’s fight to stop a “Right to Repair Bill” in Nebraska. It should go without saying that BIG believes that you deserve the freedom to repair your equipment in whatever manner you deem appropriate. A loss in Nebraska opens up the window of further legal maneuvers by manufacturer’s across the landscape to restrict repair to manufacturer authorized shops. Link:

“Logan” is the movie that Wolverine deserves.

The first comic I ever bought from the 7-11 at the end of my block was an X-Men comic featuring the Wolverine. Big attitude and bad ass “adamantium” claws played well on Evanston Avenue. Logan, in theaters now, is the violent action and deep character study that Wolverine deserves. For me, one of the Top 3 comic book films ever made. Find your local AMC Theater:

I watch car shows.

The Velocity Channel is my version of “Game of Thrones.” I saw this morning that Edd China, the tall, white headed mechanic of “Wheeler Dealers” is leaving the show to pursue other interests. I hope those interests include his own show. I’m fascinated by people whose talent and aptitude is vastly superior to my own and Edd fits the bill. He came across as a mechanical genius with a great ability to share what he was doing in a manner that made it seem possible to hacks like me. You could tell he cared about quality and that's apparent in his announcement on leaving the show. Check it out:

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