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Top Trends in Truck Manufacturing

big truck parts

Like every industry, the truck manufacturing industry is also going through changes as it adapts to the changing preferences of its customers, a volatile gas industry, and the many environmental regulations that are coming into practice. Also, there is a great push towards digitization and the manufacturing process takes into account, not just the current technologies, but also prepares itself to handle the future changes as well.

Given such a dynamic environment, let us take a look into some of the top trends that are shaping the truck manufacturing industry in 2020 and beyond.

Streamlined manufacturing of big truck parts

The emergence of industry 4.0 is likely to have a big impact on the manufacturing of big truck parts. Industry 4.0, in general, refers to the extensive automation that will come into play during the manufacturing process, thereby reducing manual intervention as well as the chances of defects and errors. Since everything will be automated, the entire process will be streamlined and the entire process will be extremely quick and efficient.

All this, in turn, would increase the synergy of truck parts and the overall output would be highly efficient trucks at competitive rates.


Today, there is a lot of talk about climate change and the impact of the gas industry on air pollution and the resulting global warming. So, there is a big push towards electrification of vehicles and truck manufacturers are gearing towards it. With more than 400,000 commercial trucking companies in the United States, this could be a huge change for the industry as a whole.

Many cities and countries have already started implementing laws in this regard and a lot of it is likely to come into effect by 2020. This move could warrant significant changes in the manufacturing and assembly of semi truck parts and truck replacement parts. It could also warrant new knowledge and expertise.

Digital technologies

Every industry is looking to keep pace with the ever-growing list of digital technologies and the truck manufacturing industry is no exception. Starting from truck telematics data to autonomous driving, a lot is going on within the industry and the manufacturers are always looking to incorporate these technologies to make their trucks more appealing to customers.

The big truck parts may have to undergo some changes to keep pace with these digital technologies and to ensure that the trucks are useful well into the next decade.

To conclude, the truck manufacturing industry is undergoing a lot of changes and it is in the process of creating next-gen trucks that are sure to change the transportation industry in a big way.

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