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What Should You Know About LED Lights Before Buying LED Headlights?

Are your truck's headlights broken or becoming dim? Or are you seeking new lights for your truck's upgrade? If so, then you'll need to consider various factors before making a decision. To begin with, you have to first understand the different types of lighting options and technologies, the different headlight components, and the pros and cons of the available options.

This blog post presents to you some of the critical factors that you have to consider when buying led headlights for semi trucks.

What Should You Know About LED Headlights for Semi Trucks?

LED headlights for trucks have certain features that define their performance, style, and model number. You'll need to consider some of these features when deciding so that you can get the best lighting solution for your trucks.

Here are six considerations that you'll need to look at when switching to LED headlights:

1. Stability

You should buy LED headlights with a high-performance and top-quality ballast. Ballast components in LED lights are important because they guard against voltage spikes and irregular variations. Irregular voltage or spikes in voltage can cause heating and poor power efficiency.

But with an ideal ballast component, your LED lights will have better power efficiency, heat protection, and high brightness output. A robust headlight design with shockproof material will lower vibration frequency and improve the damping function. As such, choose headlights with a robust design that is shockproof and waterproof and an ideal ballast to get better and stable lighting.

2. Brightness

The brightness of LED headlights is measured in lumens. One LED light produces approximately 3000 lumens or more. But some of the luminosity is lost in other light-producing processes that occur during light generation.

You should thus be capable of estimating how many lumens get used in actual lighting and how you can improve the lighting. LED projectors are often installed during headlight assembly to reduce light scattering and improve light focus. As such, it's advisable to buy LED headlights with projectors.

3. Color

The color produced by LED lights is measured in kelvins (K). The unit is a measure of light temperature. Warm white colors are generated within a temperature range of 2500 to 4000 K. The cool-flu whites fall within the scope of 5000 to 8000 K.

The LED headlights have a light that is close to the low end of the cool white light that falls within the range of 5500 to 6500k. You should thus ensure that your led headlights for semi trucks generate light that is within your desired color temperature range.

4. Temperature and LED Headlight Heat Dissipation

The performance of LED headlights depends on temperature. The LED light diodes produce lots of light at low temperatures, but the levels of light decline with increasing temperature. This fact implies that your LED lights need to have a stable temperature for you to get a steady light output. As such, you should consider the heat dissipation of your LED headlights before buying.

5. Compatibility

Your led headlights for semi trucks should be compatible with your vehicle. LED lights are designed to be compatible with different types of cars, with some being particularly suited for specific models. You should thus check your car's manual to determine whether the LED headlights you are about to buy suit your truck.

6. Legality

It may not be possible to replace HID or Halogen headlights with LED lights. You should thus ensure the LED headlights that you buy can are used on roads without breaching the traffic codes. As such, you should make sure the LED truck lights conform to the transportation regulations.

Projections show that the automotive aftermarket industry in the world may grow to a net worth of $722.8 billion in 2020. Trucks will make up a large part of this industry's trade. This projection implies that there will be a significant increase in the sale of automotive components for repairs and upgrades.

Be equipped with the right knowledge to select ideal led headlights for semi-trucks by reading these insightful tips and always consider them when buying your truck parts.

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