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Why Your Truck Needs To Be Weighed

Why Your Truck Needs To Be Weighed

There are some essential, routine tasks all commercial truck drivers must do, such as weighing their truck. This requires pulling into a local weight station on the side of the road. At first, it might seem pointless, especially if you’re already familiar with your truck’s weight. Why your truck needs to be weighed ultimately comes down to regulations.

Local Laws and Regulations

There are regulations in place for commercial truck drivers that require them to pull into any weigh station they encounter. This pertains to trucks of a certain weight, which can vary between states. Typically, these regulations are for trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or more.

However, when it comes to commercial trucks, they’ll have to pull into any weight station they see, as long as it’s open. Truckers should make time to research the local laws and regulations before driving through a state; this will help prevent delivery delays and potential fines.

Weigh Stations

The reason trucks have to stop at every open weigh station they see is because the vehicle’s weight fluctuates between loads. Representatives at weight stations will assess a truck's weight and conduct a visual inspection for safety reasons. If your truck has significant damage or it exceeds the regulated weight limit, the representative will let you know. When repairs or replacements are necessary, drivers should seek any new components, such as Freightliner truck parts and accessories to get it working as good as new.

Road Safety

Although following road regulations is the biggest reason why your truck needs to be weighed, it’s important to understand why those regulations are in place. Roads and bridges handle heavy vehicles every day, but there’s a limit to what they can handle.

Trucks that exceed the weight limit of any given road will cause damage whenever they travel over it. This damage isn’t just an inconvenience; it can hinder a truck’s handling. Semi-trucks are massive vehicles that can cause a lot of damage in the wrong hands, so precise handling is important for avoiding accidents between destinations.

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