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"I really enjoyed the transaction and I have already told a couple other drivers. I’m going to start doing my own PM’s so will most likely come up with a list of items I will need every 15000 miles and purchase from you. Really enjoy the human and fast service along with excellent communication. Don’t see that very much any more." (Jeff T. - Sanford, AL)

"So far everything has been great with our window regulator. It fits like a glove and works flawlessly. Thank you and it has been a pleasure doing business with you." (Alfredo C. - Oakland, CA)

"Man you know what, I love you guys. I sincerely do. I am a man of my word. You guys are my go-to now. I have four trucks in my fleet. Every single time we need parts, you guys will be the place I call. I got a truckload of buddies and tell them all the time. Freightliner quoted me a price of almost $2200. They doubled the price on me. I love you guys. I want to get the winter out of the way and I'll be placing another order with you guys for different parts I want and need. I have absolutely no complaints." (Floyd R. - Lexington, SC)

"Thank you for the follow-up.  The part worked great and I appreciate the help and understanding when I ordered the incorrect part.  That's not like me. We currently don't need anymore parts but because of your excellent customer service and communication I well definitely keep you in mind for my next order." (David C. - Alpine, WY)

"Thank you for the follow up. Customer consideration is a welcome thing this day in age." (Mo M. - Harvard, IL)

"I have to say I was completely blown away on how fast my part showed up. And I love how you guys make it a point to get the parts to you asap because we both know down time is never a good thing. I would love a catalog because I would love to continue buying parts off of you guys. Thanks again for all you do." (Gaige M. - Bristol, TN)

"I am 110% satisfied customer service was GREAT." (Dennis J. - Woodside, NY)

"The reservoir was a perfect fit in every way possible. The part was an exact match to my truck and the cost and labor ultimately saved me over $700. I will look to BIG Machine Parts as a go-to option when considering other purchases. Thank you." (Dwight S. - Lancaster, TX)

"I love the way you guys do shipping. Buying a new DPF from you saved me about $4000. The manufacturer of the truck wanted a lot more than what you guys charge and then they wanted another $700 to ship back the old one." (Rocky W. - Rapid City, SD)

"I received the Baldwin filter in good time and shape. It was packaged nicely to prevent damage. I will likely buy more filters in the future and possibly other parts as well." (Kurt G. - Creston, OH)

"Thank you for the call. I'm very impressed with your company's customer service. It is so nice to deal with a company that really follows thru making sure that I got the part I requested and that I'm happy with it. I will be ordering more products from you in the near future. Thanks again for the outstanding service." (Richard T. - Bagalusa, LA)

"I got my new light I appreciate you sending it out. Way cheaper than OEM. I'm all about saving money. Glad I found you guys and gals." (Dale H. - Monroe, UT)

"It was convenient to find the things I was looking for. You gave me the exact part number that I needed and pointed me in the perfect direction. It was really straightforward. Packaging was awesome. Lenses were nice and clean which is important. It came with lights which was nice surprise. Shipping was timely and updates were convenient." (Domenick N. - Mount Vernon, WA)

"I am very satisfied with the scales that I purchased and wished I had bought them a lot sooner. But word of mouth is the best advertiser and that is how I found out about Big Machine Parts. And believe I will pass on where I purchased mine. Thanks again." (Robbie W. - Pitkin, LA)

"Everything worked out well loved the free shipping and quick service you guys provided." (Tony G. - Vancouver, WA)

"We had a good experience with you. Nice to see someone have what I need and send it correctly the 1st time." (Scott D. - Jamesburg, NJ)

"I love the new lights and they work awesome. I will certainly be looking at your website first for future purchases." (Tyler P. - Huntington Beach, CA)

"I've got some more stuff to order because the shipping was all right on time, the parts were all functional. I buy from you for considerably less. I am glad I stumbled upon you guys. It's really worked out great for us. I'm going to tell all the other guys in the yard about you too." (RD T. - Millsap, TX)

"I appreciate the call and I really mean that. Every time I order parts - I have never gotten a call back to make sure they worked out. Thanks so much again." (Tom D. - Napa, CA)

"Thank you for having the starter that we needed. Volvo said we had to buy it from them and it would take 3 weeks for the special starter... They also said that the starter in the truck started it just like it should... After getting the starter from your company and installing it.. The truck had no choice to start fast... Works excellent we have put your companies name out to other truckers." (Tony D. - Hayden, ID)

"Thank you; received the part as described and installed; it works great.  Thank you for your service, product offering and pricing; very nice." (Mike T. - Spicewood, TX)

"I was really happy with you and the parts. I've already recommended you to someone else. Got the part in a timely manner. I can honestly tell you that I called my Mack dealer and it was twice as much. I appreciate you calling and checking in with me. That's really nice." (Randy S. - Blairsville, PA)

"The part is working great, and I truly appreciate your prompt service and follow through. I will be ordering many more parts in the future from you. Thanks again and I appreciate you and your companies work." (Channing Z. - Houma, LA)

"Thanks for the follow up. Other than the part getting shipped to the wrong place and arriving a day later, the experience was good. The people I dealt with were very helpful in resolving the issue." (Erik B. - Oak Harbor, WA) 

"I will definitely keep referring Big Machine Parts. I had a great experience and received the exact part for my truck. Look forward to doing business with BMP in the future." (Virgil W. - Cincinnati, OH)

"Everything was received on time and is good so far. People like you separate your company from the competition." (Don T. - Atlantis, FL)

"Oh the product and service was excellent. Saved me a bunch of money too." (Barry H. - Mt. Carmel, IL)

"I was very pleased with BMP in every aspect of my order. Will use again when I need something." (Mike G. - Morristown, TN)

"I had a great experience. You guys have great prices and you shipped quickly. The likelihood that I would recommend you is a 10 for sure. I already told a couple of guys at work about you." (Dennis K. - Burbank, CA) 

"I tell all my friends about this fancy company I work with. For good service, I will always come back." (Andre V. - Axtell, NE)

"You don't have to worry about this customers return business, I have you on my favorites and will be searching the site regularly. I am an owner op. so I always need parts. I will be telling everybody about your site, count on it! Truly amazing! With customer service second to none, you are going to be team #1 in no time!" (Scot D. - Bunell, FL)

"Thanks for everything you did in association with the DPF Filter that we purchased from Big Machine Parts. The part was an exact match and the pricing was better than I received from other vendors. The service was extremely satisfying and would recommend Big Machine Parts to everyone I know in the trucking industry. Again, THANKS." (Roderick D. - Dallas, TX)

"Hello Joe team, we exchanged emails a week ago about my 1998 Molley Trolley having electrical problems. Headlights flashing on and off, turn signals and hazard lights all messed up etc. I gave our electrician the list of trouble shooting points you had sent to me. He started at the battery like you suggested. What he found was that when we had a new radio installed, about 2 months ago, the radio installer sort of took a short cut and tapped into the lighting circuits to use as a power source for the radio.  Not only that but he failed to either tape wrap or wire nut one of his splices.  This bare wire situation was grounding against the frame intermittently.  This is why we had problems sometimes and no problems at other times. Our electrician changed the radio's power source to a fuse block terminal and all seems OK now. Thanks for your helpful information. You all are great." (Andy S. - Tampa, FL)

"The headlight arrived Saturday, as planned. We are very satisfied with our purchase & customer service received during the transaction. In today's ever changing world, customer service has almost become a thing of the past. You should be proud of yourself & the company you work for. You set a perfect example of "great customer service." We are just a small business with a small purchase, but you treated us like we were your biggest & best customer. I don't normally write reviews about anyone about anything purchased, but I felt like you went above & beyond. Thanks for your help." (Clint T. - Muscle Shoals, AL)




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