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AP Exhaust

AP Exhaust | 6" OD-ID Exhaust Reducer | 5" OD to 4" ID | 9331

$ 26.95

Whether local delivery or long haul trucks, AP Exhaust "TruckEx" has a broad range of exhaust and emission products to assist you in meeting their maintenance needs. .  

  • 6" Aluminized OD-ID Reducer 5" OD to 4" ID
  • Reduces Larger I.D. Pipe to Smaller O.D. Pipe.
Cross Reference: Donaldson P206328, DYNAFLEX 37-5040, ECS 4315-450-1, Ell-Con BJ-450, FlexaTube 96500, Grand Rock R5O-4IA, HD MFG 29-540A, Nelson 89187A, PDC RD5041, Riker OR540, STEMCO 255-0168, Walker 41994

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