BIG Machine Parts

Brake Chamber Type 3030-TS BMPS16987

$ 58.39

Brake chamber not working? Good luck stopping that massive truck you've got rumbling down the road. I think we can all agree that stopping your truck is critical to safe operation, so we're very happy to present you with BIG Machine Parts genuine replacement Type 3030-TS Brake Chamber. Includes a 12 month / 100,000 mile warranty. 

  • Includes Brake Chamber, Hardware & Clevis
  • Positive Alignment Steel Power Spring Retainer
  • Reinforced 11 Gauge Steel Non-Pressure Housing
  • High Strength Steel Clamp Bands & Plated Steel Housings
  • Lightweight Aluminum Adapter Housing
  • Epoxy Coated Power Spring & Double O-Ring Center Seal
  • Universal Push Rod With Stroke Indicator
  • Tandem Sealed (Complete)
Cross Reference: 5007132, 800831, 801300, 2830645, 12560, 3030017, 3030GC, 3030-TS, 3430051, GC3030P40, PLBTS-3030, 456-254-C, 456-255-C, ZAJ 3430051, 3030TS, INT3030C-2, R873030C, GC3030R, 85132097, 85132758, AM179.SB3030S

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