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Freightliner Charge Air Cooler 61-1247

$ 1,215.99


Tested and designed for OE fit, form and function, this replacement charge air cooler for Freightliner Trucks will earn your respect without emptying your wallet. Lab, factory and vehicle tested for durability - this air cooler comes with a manufacturer warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Fits some Western Star applications. 

  • Heavy duty construction for lasting performance
  • Rigorous testing for pressure and thermal strength, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • "Best in Class" One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Warranty

Application Summary: Freightliner (2013-07), Models; 108SD, 114SD, Argosy, Cascadia, Cascadia 125, Century, Century Class, Classic, Columbia, Columbia 112, Columbia 120, Coronado, Coronado 122, Coronado 132, CST, CST 120, FLD, M2, M2 106, Western Star 4900

Cross Reference: BHT74584, FL5L-MAX, 01-22901-000, 01-22951-000, 01-28051-000, 0122901000, 0122951000, 0128051000, 0579 , 1107H, 17V9795, 1AA00111, 1AA00111S, 1SA00207R, 1SA00209R, 1SA00211, 1SA00211R, 222038, 23704, 2AA00111, 2AH00062, 2AM00062, 41004045, 4401-1709, 441146U, 441236, 441239, 465-960-5001, 4659605001, 485-960-0001, 485-960-5001, 4859600001, 4859605001, 68924, 68925, 72101, 72102, 72104, 72105, 74584, 85103366, 85107507, A05-19502-000, A05-19502-001, A05-19502-002, A0519502000, A0519502001, A0519502002, A6730, ABPN09BH5Q, B5434, B5435, B8672, BHT1AA00111, BHT1SA00207, BHT1SA00209, BHT1SA00211, BHT2AA00110, BHT2AA00111, BHT2SAA0011, BHT68925, BHT72101, BHT72102, BHTA6729, BHTB5434, BHTB8672, BHTC0965, BHTC0966, BHTC2266, BHTC2313, BHTC2869, BHTD3522, BHTD9467, BHTD9582, BHTD9584, BHTE3760, BHTE3761, BHTE6125, BHTE6126, BHTH0578, BTC-1107EH, BTC-1107H, BTC1107EH, BTC1107H, C-FL5Q, C0966, C2266, C2313, C2869, CAC107C, CAC107EH, CB-FL5Q, CBFL5Q, CFL5Q,D3043, D3521, D3522, D9464, D9467, D9582, D9584, E3760, E3761, E6125, E6126, FRDAC-5Q, FRDAC-5QS, FRDAC5Q, FRDAC5QS, FRT18119, H0579, HDH010243, HDH010246, HDH010557, PPD710478, RHT-023, RHT023, RXUSFRDAC5Q, SRMFR5L, SRMFR5Q

Freightliner Charge Air Cooler 61-1247 Reviews

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