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Reach Cooling

Charge Air Cooler | International/Navistar | 61-1143

$ 781.59

Tested and designed for OE fit, form and function, this replacement charge air cooler for International/Navistar Trucks will earn your respect without emptying your wallet. Lab, factory and vehicle tested for durability - this air cooler comes with a "Best in Class" one-year manufacturer warranty against defects in material and workmanship. .  

  • Heavy duty construction for lasting performance
  • Rigorous testing for pressure and thermal strength, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • Height: 24 5/8"
  • Width: 11 5/8"
  • Thickness: 2 3/4"

Application Summary: Navistar Models (2006-84): 4700 Series, 4800 Series, 4900 Series

 Cross Reference: 1696956C1, 1030035, 165054C91, 165055C91, 1696920C1, 1696955C1, 9107001, 817119, IE3509, 1E3509, IE3834, 1E3834, IE3835, 1E3835, BTC1136, BT1136, 1136, CAC136, WSR1136, CA2056, SPI44063501, 44063501, 17V9809, NV9A, FLX010712, HDH010228, RHT027, SRMIHC9A, 44IHC9A, IHDAC9A, DURIHDAC9A, DHTIH9A, DHT9A, 37419A, S19957, 1E0051040000, 1A16145G, 1A16489G, 1A17359G, 1A17360G, 1A18119D, 1A19009D, 1E3509G, 1696920C2, NAV1696920C1, 1659054C91, 1659054C92, 1659054C93, 1659055C91, 1659055C92, 1659055C93, 2004693C91, 2004694C91, 3503905C91, 3503905C92, 3503906C91, 3527216C91, 3527216C92, 4854500002, NAV16408, NAV16408N, NAV16408R, 441196

Charge Air Cooler | International/Navistar | 61-1143 Reviews

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