United Pacific

Freightliner Century Headlight (LH/Black) 31205

$ 199.99

This replacement "Blackout" Freightliner Century Projection Headlight Assembly with LED Turn Signal and LED Position Light Bar in "Blackout" Styling from BIG is sure to turn heads and safely light the road ahead. Includes an LED Turn Signal and LED Light Bar to provide unparalleled brightness in an attractive package. Available in Chrome or "Blackout" models. 

  • Fits MOST Freightliner Century Models
  • Unique Dual LED Position Light
  • Replaces the Entire Front Headlight Assembly
  • Dimensions: 
  • 1-Year Warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Low Beam Application
    • H7 Bulb
    • 12V DC Input
    • 4.04 Amps / 48.48 Watt
    • FMVSS 571
  • High Beam Application
    • 9006Bulb
    • 12V DC Input
    • 5.2 Amps / 62.4 Watt
    • FMVSS 571

Application Summary: Fits Most Freightliner Century Models

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