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Diesel Additive | Performance Formula | 38565P

$ 15.49

BUY BULK AND SAVE! Minimum Purchase Quantity = 12 Units x $9.99/Unit

Stanadyne All Season Performance Formula cleans, protects and increases horsepower and torque. The detergency and cetane improver in Performance Formula also helps with fuel economy. Just 16oz of Stanadyne All Season Performance formula treats up to 60 gallons of diesel fuel. .  

  • Shop Pack Includes Twelve (12) 16-oz bottles treating a total of 720 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Restores/Increase Horsepower
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption - an average of 4% improvement in MPG and gains up to 9.6%
  • Cetane Improver – improves combustion resulting in better engine starting, smooth running, and reduced engine noise
  • Meets all engine fuel system requirements and will not harm exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Cold Weather Protection – improves diesel pour point up to 40°F (22°C), and cold filter plug point by up to 25°F (13°C), depending on base fuel

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