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BIG Machine Parts

Diesel Particulate Filter | Volvo D11/D13/Mack MP8 | C0064-SA

$ 2,477.45

Your search for the best and most reliable aftermarket diesel particulate filter (DPF) available today has officially ended with the BIG Machine Parts line of diesel particulate filters. Crafted of "rock-solid" 409 Stainless Steel and manufactured exclusively in North America, BIG Machine Parts is the name to trust with your truck. Why buy re-manufactured when you can save on a NEW, coreless DPF from Field and laboratory tested to exceed OEM standards, all BIG Machine Parts DPF come with a 1-Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty. 

  • Includes: DPF, Gaskets
  • New, never re-manufactured or re-conditioned
  • Field and lab tested to exceed OEM standards
  • Coated with Platinum Group Metals (PGM)
  • 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Application Summary: Volvo D11, D13, Mack MP8 Engines

Cross Reference:  21212429, 21212431, 21415912, 21212428, 22413830 22810502, 22810503,  21212426,21755606, 21756428, 21756429, 22413832, 22806823, 22810502, 22810503, 85126281, 674-2003, 6742003, A-VPTH-VN1206, Dinex 82010

Diesel Particulate Filter | Volvo D11/D13/Mack MP8 | C0064-SA Reviews

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