Right Weigh Load Scales

Right Weigh Digital Load Scale 202-DDG-01C

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Right Weigh’s E-Z Weigh Digital In-Dash Load Scale provides accurate and reliable on-ground weight measurement of a tractor's drive axle group with a single height control valve air suspension system.

  • Calculates an estimated steer axle weight along with drive axle weight
  • Can display a full breakdown of on-ground weight for both the drive and estimated steer axle groups, as well as a total gross weight
  • Accurate with both empty and loaded weight calibration points
  • Displays weight in your choice of Lbs or Kg
  • Option of setting a 5 digit PIN lock-out code
  • Fits in a standard, round 2 1/16" dash instrument hole
  • Chrome bezel
  • Easy to read LCD touch screen with an adjustable backlight

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