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Caterpillar (CAT) Engine Oil Pressure Sensor (Inlet) 904-7013

$ 162.59

For accurate engine oil pressure readings, try Dorman's replacement Oil Pressure Sensor. Replacement of the sensor will help protect your vehicle from being driven at a low oil pressure. Avoid costly engine repairs and maintain performance. Direct replacement for a proper fit every time

  • Sensor may be a requirement for state inspection
  • Easy to install
  • This part has undergone vehicle simulator and vehicle try-on testing for conformance to product standards and quality
  • Engine Block

    Application Summary: Engine Type: C7 Caterpillar; Make/Model (2007-05); Blue Bird: All American FE, All American RE, Commercial Bus, SHL Commercial; Chevrolet: C6500 Kodiak, C7500 Kodiak, C8500 Kodiak; Crane Carrier: LCF Chassis, LDT2 Chassis, LET2 Chassis, Low Entry, Centurion; Ford: F650, F750; Freightliner: B2, Condor, FB65, FS65, M2 106, XB Straight Rail, XC, XC Raised Rail, XC Formed Rail, XC Straight Rail; GMC: C6500 Topkick, C7500 Topkick, C8500 Topkick; Kenworth: T300, T800; Peterbilt: 320, 330, 335, 340; Pierce Mfg. Inc: Custom, Saber; Sterling: Acterra 5500, Acterra 6500, Acterra 7500; Sterling Trucks: Condor, L7500, L8500, LT7500, LT8500

    Cross Reference: 2482167, 2746719, AM577.90510

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