Pogo Stick (Hose Tender) "Fat Can" Style 451059

$ 63.29
The "Fat Can" Pogo Stick (Hose Tender) lasts 3-times longer than competitor designs.
  • Includes: Pogo Stick, Eye Bolt and Nut
  • Larger 3.75” Diameter Housing Eliminates Spring Binding
  • Overall Length: 45"
  • New Base is Over 3 -Times Larger than the Competition
  • Increased Resistance to Sagging and Bending
  • New Thicker Gauge Heavy Duty Spring On All Attachments
  • Nylon and Rubber Air Brake Hose
  • Zinc Plated Dichromate Steel Support Arm
  • Forged Steel Mounting Stud, 7/16-20

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