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Gabriel FleetLine 83000 Series | Shock Absorber | 83209

$ 45.99

In the daily grind, there is no rest for the weary...except for those with Gabriel® shocks. Our FleetLine® 83000 series have been proven and perfected in real-world use. Gabriel's superior FleetLine design is ruggedly engineered to be robust for durability and a longer life on your class 3-6 vehicle. There is nothing better when the job has to get done. Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty and our BIG Satisfaction Guarantee. .

  • 1 3/8” bore, ideal for light trucks or heavy truck suspensions
  • Best-in-class hydraulic stop provides unparalleled system durability
  • Rugged, self-compensating piston seal delivers consistent damping ability and reduced fade 
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod ensures superior corrosion resistance
  • 10-stage valving equips drivers with maximum comfort and control


  • Extended Length: 29.64 in
  • Collapsed Length: 17.61 in
  • Stroke: 12.03 in
  • Bore: 1 3/8 in
  • Rebound: 670 lbs
  • Compression: 78 lbs
 Cross Reference: 14626 ADV, 4940600, 684280, D2HZ-18080-A, D2HZ-18125-A, D2HZ-18125-B,        D4HA-18080-A, D8HZ-18125-A, D4HA-18080-AA, 9U94-18045-AA, 9U9Z-18124-A, ASH-1228,              1C34-18045-AA, ASH-1022, 1C34-18045-JA, ASH-294, AT-766, 35901-0001, A-4089, S-4089,                90044025, 790335C91, 90044025PLUS, 680279, 25625187, 651151, 14QK-2100P2, 14QK-2105,            5966-90044025, 16770, 1139069 MTM, 90044682, AR-1654, 43-8-002

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