Gates Drive Align | Belt Tensioner | 39112

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With a full line of tensioners and international manufacturing locations, you can count on Gates to supply premium quality DriveAlign® Automatic Belt Tensioners. Gates ensures that every tensioner they manufacture is built to rigid tolerances and specifications that guarantee OE fit, form and function.  .

  • Full line coverage for Import, Domestic and Heavy-Duty applications
  • Comprehensive line includes parts to fit cars, vans, SUV’s and light trucks
  • Patented vibration damping system improves tensioners, belts and accessory life
  • Torsional round spring design provides consistent tension and does not allow contamination


  • Thermoplastic
  • Contact Surface: Smooth/Backside
  • Belt/Sprocket Width- 26 mm
  • Bearing Inside Diameter- 17 mm
  • Bearing Outside Diameter
 Cross Reference: 78083512

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