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Gates Green Stripe Drive Align | Belt Tensioner | 38667

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The longest lasting belt tensioners in the industry. Engineered to exceed demanding OEM requirements.  In laboratory tests,  Green Stripe® DriveAlign® heavy-duty tensioners lasted up to three times longer than competitive aftermarket tensioners. So, pretty much the Superman of tensioners. .

  • Patented Design - provides superior belt alignment and tension for improved drive efficiency and life
  • Patented Damping Mechanism - provides maximum stability, reducing vibration and increasing the life of belt, tensioner and other accessory drive components
  • Twin rows of bearings carry more load and last up to three times longer than two individual bearings
  • Includes chrome-silicone torsion spring for less flex-fatigue than flat-wire designs


  • Steel
  • Number of Grooves-0,10, 0
  • Contact Surface- Smooth/Backside, V-Ribbed Grooved, Smooth/Backside
  • Belt/Sprocket Width- 40, 40.5, 32 mm
  • Bearing Inside Diameter- 30, 30, 17 mm
  • Bearing Outside Diameter- 75, 74, 70 mm
 Cross Reference: 77803167

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