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Cummins ISM Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 904-7133

$ 129.49

Dorman's Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor provides a cost savings advantage, significantly cutting repair costs. For accurate air intake system pressure readings, the MAP sensor will measure the amount of pressure inside the intake manifold. Additionally, this part has been thoroughly tested to meet product standards and quality. .

  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • Constructed of plastic and brass material for increased durability
  • Replacement of a failed sensor will restore proper engine function and drivability
  • No special tools necessary during installation
  • Manifold Position

Application Summary: Engine Type: Cummins ISM; Model/Make (2002-98): Advance Mixer: Advance Mixer; Autocar: Xpeditor; Bering: HD65DP, HD83DP; Crane Carrier: Drill Rig, Equipment Carrier, Low Entry; E-One: Hurricane, Hush; Freightliner: Argosy, Century Class, Century CST112, Century CST120, Classic, Classic XL, Columbia, Columbia 120, Condor, FL112, FLD112, FLD120, FLD132; HME: 1871; International: 2574, 2674, 5000, 5500i, 5600i, 5900i SBA, 8100, 9100 SBA, 9100i SBA, 9200 SBA, 9200i SBA, 9400 SBA, 9400i SBA, 9800 SBA, 9900 SFA, 9900i SFA, 9900ix SFA; Kenworth: C500, K100E, T2000, T600A, T800, W900; KME: Firefox, Hawk, Renegade Chassis; Oshkosh Motor Truck Co: Highland; Pierce: Pierce Chassis; Sterling: AT9500, LT9500, LT9513; Sterling Truck: A9500, AT9500, Condor, L9500, LT9500, LT9513

 Cross Reference: 3330141, 4921493

Cummins ISM Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 904-7133 Reviews

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