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Radiator | Ford | 42-10042

$ 615.99

Expert tooling, design and engineering define this OEM-quality Ford replacement Radiator. Get the quality and reliability you expect at a value price. Backed by a manufacturer 1-year Warranty, but better yet, the Big Machine Parts Satisfaction Guarantee. .  

  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Tank Material: Plastic
  • Height: 37 3/8" 
  • Width: 27 7/8"
  • Thickness: 2 3/16"

Application Summary: Ford Models (1993-91): L Series, LN Series, LTL Series, CL Series.

 Cross Reference: E8HZ8010A, 437114P, 9000-08, 9000-08AST, 900008A, 900008AST, 900008, HR900008A, 9008, S9008, FOR08, FOR06, S9006, BTC7114, BT7114, 7114, 437114S, SRK7114, 239437, SCSI239437, TR9437, CR9437, SPI20011517, ABPN2020011517, 20011517, FD12, FD12R2, FD12R3, FLX000116, HDC010029, OEM4210043, REA4210042, 11C7559, 11C7559ST, 2400188, 5637LI2R, F1HZ8005E, F3HZ8005L, F3HT8009CB, F3HT8009CC,  E8HZ8010C, 3S43484, 239436, F1HT8009VE

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