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Radiator | Ford | 42-10053

$ 492.79

Expert tooling, design and engineering define this OEM-quality Ford replacement Radiator. Get the quality and reliability you expect at a value price. Backed by a manufacturer 1-year Warranty, but better yet, the Big Machine Parts Satisfaction Guarantee. .  

  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Tank Material: Plastic
  • Height: 26 5/8 (Inches)
  • Width: 27 7/8 (Inches)
  • Thickness: 2 3/16 (Inches)

Application Summary: Ford Trucks; Models: B Series (1994-91), F Series (1994-91)

 Cross Reference: 1A16282, 437101P, 5600-02, 560002, 560002ST, 560002BT, 5602, S5602, FOR62,        ABPN2020021502, SPI20021502, 20021502BT7101, 7101, 437101S, 437101, 557101, SRK7101  FLX000103, SCSI239435, 239435, TR9435, RADFO122, 11C7569ST, 11C75691A16285, 1A16852  3S43707, F0HT8005B, F0HT8005D, F0HT8005EA, F0HT8005FB, F0HT8005FC, F0HT8005LA, F0HT8005LB
F0HT8005NA, F0HZ8005D, F0HZ8005G, F1HT8005EA, F2HT8005NA, F2HT8005TA, F2HZ8005D, F3HT8005EB
F3HT8005JA, F3HT8005JB, F3HZ8005B, F3HZ8005F, F3HZ8005X, F4HT8005FA, F6HT8005AA

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