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Freightliner Columbia/Century Radiator 42-10059

$ 744.39

Expert tooling, design and engineering define this OEM-quality replacement Radiator for your Freightliner. Get the quality and reliability you expect at a value price. This heavy duty radiator was designed to fit a variety of the most popular Freightliner Models. Backed by a manufacturer 1-year Warranty, but better yet, the BIG Machine Parts Satisfaction Guarantee. 

  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Tank Material: Plastic
  • Height: 41 13/16"
  • Width: 31 7/16"
  • Thickness: 1 7/8"

Application Summary: Freightliner Models: Century (2007-03), Columbia (2007-03).

Cross Reference: BHTU3933001, 437431P, 8000-32, 800032, 800032PT, 800032ST, 8032, S8032, BTC7157CDM, BT7157CDM, 7157CDM, 239117, TR9117, SCSI239117, 559117, 239139, TR9139, SCSI239139, 558059SAA, SRM8059, 43171, 437431, 437431P, 437431S, FRE32, FRE32PA, FR48, FR48R4, FR48WF, BT7157CDM, 20011724, SPI20011724, ABPN2020011724, CVTM81713, CTVTM81713, CTVTU81713, CVTU81713, CTVTU81714, 2400416, 200013, 376761561, A0519870005, A051987006, A0519870014, A0519870016, A0519870018, A0519870020, A0519870022, A0519870024, BHTD0207, D0207, BHTD0530, D0530, BHTD0535, D0535, BHTD0635, D0635, BHTD0636, D0636, BHTD3047, D3047, BHTD9526, D9526, BHTD9550, D9550, BHTD9572, D9572, BHTE7241, E7241, BHTE7241002, E7241002, BHTE7244, E7244, BHTH5468, H5468, BHTH5468002, H5468002, BHTU3701001, U3701001, U3933001, BHTU3933002,  U3933002

Freightliner Columbia/Century Radiator 42-10059 Reviews

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