Mack Speed Sensor BMP505.5505

$ 47.79

A faulty speed sensor on your Mack Truck can cause transmission trouble, but may also impact speedometer readings, ignition timing and cruise control. Restore peak performance with Dorman's replacement Speed Sensor. Engineered and tested for reading accuracy and quality. 

  • Includes: One (1) Speed Sensor
  • New Aftermarket
  • Screw In Style with Eaton Transmission
  • One connector with two terminals
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Application SummaryMack (2010-89); Models - CHU, CXU, GU7, GU8, LEU, MRU, Pinnacle, TD700, CXN, MR600K, CHN, CL700, MR600P, MR600S, MR600K

Cross Reference: 25166488, 64MT424M, 64MT439M, 505-5505, 5055505, BMP505.5505, BMPS24055
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